> mae – “over and over” first song from (a)fternoon

(M)orning is over and now comes (A)fternoon. mae is releasing the first song from the (a)fternoon ep Over and Over

Over and Over

mae over and over

From the band:

Today we are excited to officially announce that we are starting a brand new chapter in our year long campaign. We are calling this chapter (a)fternoon. Today we are able to proudly announce that, without the help of any record label or large corporations or sponsorships behind us, with only our music and your donations, we have fully funded a house for Rhonda Floyd and her 3 children. Last night was the final night of our spring tour, Mae presents (m)orning, and it was only fitting that we had Rhonda and our friends at Habitat For Humanity there to help us celebrate this amazing accomplishment. We have only you to thank. There are no words to express the depth of our gratitude and appreciation. These four months and this rest of this year are and will continue to be proof that through community and music, we can make a difference.

For the (a)fternoon chapter, our attention will be focused on education. We are excited to partner up with an organization called Donors Choose to help educators around the country get the materials they need to effectively be able to execute their curriculum. There are so many schools and teachers around the county who are having their budgets slashed, making it very hard for them to teach the way they want. The education of the country’s youth should not be compromised due to issues they have no control over. Every child deserves and needs an education and we hope that you’ll continue to donate and show the country why Mae fans are the best fans in the world!

Today we are also bringing you a new song called “Over & Over.” This song is the first song that will be included on the (a)fternoon EP. Parts of this song were recorded all over the country while we were on our spring tour. From Omaha and Los Angeles to Pittsburgh and Chesapeake, VA, your spirit is all over this song. We hope you enjoy the song and we know this summer is going to be an amazing one. We encourage you to visit whatismae.com and make a donation.


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