> mat kearney- “city of black and white” album review

Mat Kearney’s City of Black and White.

The “I was having a hard time getting my thoughts organized so it looks like a bunch of random thoughts on the album” album review.

In a nutshell I liked this album a lot and with 12 strong pop/rock songs the album should yield plenty of  hits; starting with the current “Closer to Love” that is already on the charts.

What’s your Style?
Mat’s first album had a trademark rap/folk sound that was most evident on a song like “Undeniable”.  Only “Closer to Love” ventures anywhere close to this style, the rest of the album embraces a pop/rock sound.

Who you ripping off?
Many will accuse the album of sounding too much like Coldplay, but if you listen carefully the opening track “All I Have” gives hints of Tom Petty and “Here We Go” has a U2 vibe.

Album Side 1 …if it were vinyl record
The first 6 songs pacing is great. The album opens with the upbeat “All I Have” and “Fire & Rain”, followed by the current hit Closer To Love”,  the U2-ish “Here We Go” follows,then side 1 starts to slow down with “Lifeline” and finishes with the piano -driven “New York To California”

Great lines…
There is no shortage of great lyrics on this album here are a few of the most memorable.

“and everyone’s talking about change on the airwaves” – All I Have
“I guess we’re all one phone call from our knees – Closer To Love
“oh love it’s easy if you don’t try to please me if you don’t want to see me anymore” – Here We Go Again
“if i was wrong would you show me where all that i lost can be found” – Straight Away

I am pretty sure this album will be on my list of favorites of 2009 and I am sure it will make other year end lists as well.



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