> brandtson members forming new band

Some of the Brandtson members are forming a new band, no name yet, but some songs have been recorded…

From The Decapolis  message board:

ok, here we go…

like the myspace update says, four of us (me, myk, adam & matt) have started a new project. not sure on a name yet, but we’ve written a handful of songs that we plan to play out and record this summer. we’re beyond stoked to be making music again, and one3rd will be happy to know that it’s definitely not dance-rock. think garage/punk rock (stooges, jawbreaker, fugazi, black lips) as a reference point. the songs are a definite departure from brandtson, but i think anyone who liked our earlier stuff will be into it.


ps- definitely check out the dial in sounds vinyl. dreamover did a great job with it..



One thought on “> brandtson members forming new band

  1. Best of luck on the new project boys! but for the love of Pete, where can I find a Brandtson hoodie? Theres got to be one out there somewhere!

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