> starflyer 59 – “under the milky way”

Jason Martin of Starflyer 59 has a great cover of the Church’s Under The Milky Way on The Minor Keys EP released April 7,  2009. One can only hope that this song would catapult SF59 into the mainstream much the way it did for the Church in 1988…

Under The Milky Way

starflyer59_minorkeys ep


6 thoughts on “> starflyer 59 – “under the milky way”

  1. Julian G says:

    In order for it to apply for the wants of the mainstream, it would need to be a bit more energetic. Actually, a lot more energetic. Nobody likes music that is so slow and boring. The Church’s version is a lot better and and a lot les melancholy. And it has bagpipes! Actually EBow but that’s still a bagpipe sound, which kicks ass.

  2. drivebymedia says:

    you may be right, but i was surprised when this song was a hit back in the 80’s …

  3. thomas says:

    i completely disagree that ‘nobody likes music that is so slow and boring’. only hipsters that won’t give a shit about music when their parents trust funds start to run out and they have to find real jobs.

    and the point of a cover is not to re-create it.

    THAT is boring.

    ebows are also boring.

  4. thomas says:

    rather, the point of a cover is not to make an exact copy. it should be to change it a little bit. impart a bit of yourself onto it.

  5. dr junk says:

    the point of a cover is to re-make the song the way you would play it.

    if everyone covered a song exactly the way it was originally played, covers would be boring as shit

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