> until june -“the man who lost his soul” lyrics

until june

The Man Who Lost His Soul

Growing up I found the life that knew
Overshadowed by the anger in the clutch of abuse
Shells and bullets fell and dropped to floor
I put an end to an era and I started a war
When I carried out the worst of my plans
I was the only one surviving and miserable man

All my life,I’ve takin over slowly
Feel my hands, and see what become
Oh so wrong, to leave your love behind me
I gained the world, lost my soul, is there no one to save me

When I conquered, no one came to my side
Ruined the life I wanted and burned what was mine
In the ashes I had found what I lost
Nothing left inside me and cursed at the thought
I sat alone,  put my head in my hands
What I thought was a solution, was a horrible plan

Until June Blog.


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