> michael tait to become new lead singer for the Newsboys

There is a developing story regarding Michael Tait becoming the new lead singer for the Newsboys. He was the “guest” vocalist at the recent Dallas Battlecry. Here is some info from the InPop records president…

I work at Inpop Records and want to give you a brief update on what is happening.

First of all there is nothing wrong with Peter’s health. Everything that was said on stage last night was correct.

Peter, the bands’ management and Inpop will have an official announcement hopefully this week. No one has been withholding information from the public, we just need a few more days to confirm the details, especially on an issue this important to all of us. Please know that we all want to send out the correct and accurate information ASAP.

Lastly I can confirm that the New album releasing on May 5th is 100% Peter Furler as lead vocalists on this entire recording.

Warm Regards,

Dale Bray

Inpop President

via newsboys Message Boards – View Single Post – New Lead Singer- Michael Tait.


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