> the fray – self-titled new album gets a 1 star review!?

For those of you who believe that Christian publications give lightweight reviews, head over to Christianity Today Music. The new self-titled album from the Fray received a one star review. Even Rolling Stone gave it two stars! The problem here is not that Christianity Today Music has injured The Fray with a poor review, it’s that by giving such a low review it calls into question a cohesive, consistent review standard. People want an honest review, this kind of low-balling review will drive people away.


So for our new poll rate the new Fray album.
Use Rolling Stone’s rating guide as a start…
The guide employs a five star rating scale with the following descriptions of those ratings: [1]

  • 5/5 stars
    • Indispensable: a record that must be included in any comprehensive collection
  • 4/5 stars
    • Excellent: a record of substantial merit, though flawed in some essential way.
  • 3/5 stars
    • Good: a record of average worth, but one that might possess considerable appeal for fans of a particular style.
  • 2/5 stars
    • Mediocre: a record that is artistically insubstantial, though not truly wretched.
  • 1/5 stars
    • Poor: a record where even technical competence is at question or it was remarkably ill-conceived.
  • 0/5 stars
    • Worthless: a record that need never (or should never) have been created. Reserved for the most bathetic bathwater.


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