> i was a king – norman bleik

You might ask yourself two questions. 1. Who is Norman Bleik  and 2. Why is the band no longer a king? But after the Oslo, Norway band “I Was A King” slaps you with their new single and it’s power pop riffs you won’t care who Norman was and you’ll say long live the king!

i was a king
The single is from their new self titled album and features some special guest appearances (Including Sufjan Stevens and Daniel Smith!)….
Norman Bleik

i was a king album

From the band’s myspace

Having only been in existence for a few years, Norwegian group I Was a King has quickly gained recognition from the media, musicians, and fans alike. Front man Frode Strømstad has been said to have a unique gift of creating addictive melodies that hold distinctive roots to the 60’s, distorted through a 90’s indie scene filter.

In 2007, I Was A King released their debut, Losing Something Good for Something Better. It was labeled “Royally brilliant” and given 8 out of 10 by NME. The Independent, and The Sunday Times gave equally flattering praise and The Guardian said, ” Norwegian wunderkind Strømstad takes ol’ lankhair’s ramshackle rock and squeezes it through a dreampop filter…If Alan McGee hadn’t wound down Creation, this lot would have been first in the queue to sign on the dotted line. File next to: Fountains Of Wayne, Apples In Stereo, Neutral Milk Hotel, Strawberry Wine-era My Bloody Valentine.”

The new album “I Was a King” features collaborations from Emil Nikolaisen (Serena Maneesh ), Sufjan Stevens, Daniel Smith (Danielson) and Gary Olson (Ladybug Transistor) . The album was recorded at Marlborough Farms (Brooklyn, NY) and mixed by Nick Terry (Primal Scream, The Libertines, Klaxons ).

A digital & 7″ import single, “It’s All you” / “Norman Bleik,” out now through Norwegian and Danish labels, Hype City/Morningside . Their self-titled album is out now through Hype City in Norway, and will then be released in Denmark march 2nd on Morningside, and the US on April 7th through The Control Group (El Perro del Mar, The Figurines) . It recently received a 6/6 rating in one of Norway’s largest newspapers, Dagbladet, and has already gained comparison to acts such as Teenage Fanclub and Guided By Voices .


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