> u2 – “get on your boots”

U2’s first single,  (from their long awaited upcoming album No line On the Horizon)  Get On Your Boots was released this week. I am not sure this is the groundbreaking new single many were hoping for. (Is it just me or does it sound like it could have come off of Pop?) But in any case it does have a good beat and if you get on  your boots, you can dance to it.

Get On Your Boots



One thought on “> u2 – “get on your boots”

  1. GET ON YOUR BOOTS sounds a little like
    Larry Norman’s (lyric rhythm) READER’S DIGEST!
    I keep trying to hear Bono say “the beatles said ‘all you
    need is love’ and then they broke up!”
    ALSO: Maybe Michael W. Smith’s ‘NORTH STAR’ will be on
    the b-side of a single.

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