> anberlin setlist calvin college 01/16/09

At the Calvin College’s  Artist: Conversation with Anberlin (Hopefully posted soon) we learned that the bassist for the band makes up the playlists each night . When asked what songs the band liked to play live the songs Feel Good Drag, and Dance Dance, were mentioned. Stephen said he liked (*Fin) but that they hardly ever played it live. (And my favorite Anberlin song) We were surprised when they came out for the encore with 2 acoustic guitars wondering what they would be playing…and then the band began to play (*Fin). A knowing grin from GWG and a classic concert memory was born.

So if my memory serves me right  here is the Setlist

Disappear, Never Take Friendship Personal, Paperthin Hymn, Breaking, A Day Late, Adelaide, Inevitable, The Unwinding Cable Car, Dismantle. Repair, Hello Alone, Feel Good Drag, The Resistance, Godspeed, (Encore)….(* Fin)

Anberlin @The Intersection. Photo by drivebyMEDIA


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