> mae – the house that fire built

While you were sleeping in late New Years Day  and getting ready to watch your favorite Bowl game, mae was launching into the New Year with 12 songs 12 months 1 goal make a difference , and we are invited to join them.
mae 2009

The first song The House That Fire Built kicks things off nicely and gets the project off to great start.

the house that fire built

From the band:

Greetings and welcome to 2009!
We are so excited that the new year is here and look forward to the journey that our music and your interaction will lead us on together. We are pleased to share with you our first song for 2009 titled “THE HOUSE THAT FIRE BUILT.”

From beginning the writing process in our hometown, to recording live demos at Drexel University in Philadelphia, to listening to the final mix at Earthsound Studios in Chesapeake, VA, we have been hard at work aspiring to give you a song that you will love and that will define us in this moment, as exactly who we are.

As you may know, our band has gone through a number of obstacles and adjustments in the last eighteen months. Through all of the ups and downs, we asked ourselves the difficult questions that must be asked when coming to a crossroad:

* What is MAE’s purpose?

* What are our goals moving forward?

* How do we now define our success?

Finding new answers to these questions has lead to a redefinition of ourselves and our mission for this next chapter. The one thing that has always been most vital to our band is you. Our fans have always mattered most to us as you are responsible for breathing life into us on a daily basis and we thank you for that. Inspiring you and igniting your passions gives us purpose.

In this 2009 venture, we will bring about this purpose ourselves, as we have decided to offer our music directly to you without the partnership of a proper label. Absent a label, we have found ourselves with no limitations, continually inspired with creativity to approach the whole of our course with this direct connection in mind. With our desire to impact the world being the forefront of our mission, we have decided to donate all of our profits from digital downloads to fund humanitarian projects that MAE and you will be a part of all year long. Our new goals have become to reach new fans through you, our fans, and to reach out to those in need through the MAE community.

With this new creed, success will be redefined over and over again as we meet our goals and set new ones to change the lives of those in need, and spread this message through our music and through our community of fans and friends.

So how will we impact the world together?

When we decided how we would be sharing our music with you, giving you one song each month for the duration of 2009, we wanted to make sure that the first song we released shared our common goal and illustrated our vision to show you how to play your part in it. “THE HOUSE THAT FIRE BUILT” is not just another MAE song or even the first new MAE song. “THE HOUSE THAT FIRE BUILT” is a mission statement. This song sums up how we intend to work with you to build a greater community and a better world. Starting today, we will be reaching out our hands to you and asking that you grab them and hold on. Once you are locked in, we are going to ask you to help us make the chain longer and stronger. Just like a fire that spreads without boundaries, our goal is to ignite a change in this world that is worth being part of. Every profited dollar raised from this song will go to build a home for a family in need as we partner with you and Habitat for Humanity. Though our website you will meet this family and watch the progress as their home is built. We have provided a custom MAE mp3 player for you to embed on your personal sites, profiles, and blogs, so that you can spread the word about our goals and the new music.

We encourage you to donate as much as you can to help, with the knowledge that every dollar you are able to give will make the difference in the life of a special family. When you donate, you will receive a download of “THE HOUSE THAT FIRE BUILT,” a digital booklet, and information about the song.

We hope that you enjoy “THE HOUSE THAT FIRE BUILT.” Together we can help build this house and spread this fire!



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