Anberlin – New Surrender (Album Review)

I love music. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without it. But if there’s one thing I never got when it comes to  music, it’s bands who write lyrics that are almost impossible to decipher. But somehow, a lot of my favorite bands have been like that. Such is the case with Anberlin, back with their fifth album, New Surrender.

New Surrender_Anberlin

Nothing’s changed with the band. They still have the same sound they did when they started out. They’ve also stuck with their you-have-to-have-a-special-decoder-ring-to-understand-what-this-song-is-about lyrics. They also remade an old song of theirs, from their sophmore album, Never Take Friendship Personal. The song, “Feel Good Drag,” definitely needed the remake.

They also have some pop/rock songs on here, most notable “Retrace” and “Breathe.”

But, of course, those kind of songs aren’t the majority of the album. There are a handful of good Alt. Rock songs here, such as “Haight Street,” “Disappear,” “Blame Me! Blame Me!” and “The Resistance.”

I don’t know how they do it. They go to make an album, and they never disappoint. Hopefully, their latest effort will get the attention it deserves.


Feel Good Drag

With Feel Good Drag climbing the charts it looks like New Surrender may just get that attention. Along with making top ten lists around the web, look for it to be in my top of the year list as well.



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