> falling up – new album “fangs”

Falling Up will be releasing a new album Fangs in March 2009.
falling up
From the Falling Up blog:

Friday, November 28, 2008

I Kissed A Girl

Sorry about the title I just figured that would get your attention.

I have been asked to do a studio update by several people in the last few weeks, but the truth is that’s impossible because we aren’t in the studio anymore. But I shall do a regular update, how’s that?

Okay so…

The latest I have heard from the label is that the new album ‘Fangs’ is planning on being out on March 24th, 2009. Although that date is not absolutely set in in stone at this point, it will be in very close proximity with it. I will be honest with everyone, the story that the record is about is a very very very fictional tale. There’s a tiny bit of violence and some dramatic dialog but it’s all in good manner for the purpose of the story.

As for shows, I am in the process of hiring a few more people into the band to play live. Three guitar players/keys/and singers. I will introduce them when I am finished and I am sure everyone will grow to love and appreciate them.

And as for the other dudes in the band- Jeremy has been living in Seattle and being fresh and dope with his peeps. I believe he has been doing some graphic designing and in the process of working on some new merch for us. Josh has been living it up in the Atown and doing a lot of mixing. I will tell you, he is getting awfully good at mixing, whenever I hear a band he mixed I literally get punched in the ears ( in a good way ). And I am living it up in Portland slamming down french dips and making prank phone calls.

Love you all, brush your teeth.


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