> FAIR – NEW SONGS are starting to surface…

FAIR (Aaron Sprinkle’s band) is back in the studio recording songs for an upcoming album.
From their blog:
FAIR - band BW

Friday, October 31, 2008

NEW SONGS are starting to surface…

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This has been a good week. As time marches on, so do we… and this week we actually saw some of the songs on the new record get DONE. DONE, I said. Two of them have already been sent down to our trusty engineer JR McNeely in Nashville to mix. We say this a lot, but there are a large number of you we need to thank just for hanging in there with us. I promise that this record will be worth the wait. As these songs finish themselves the four of us are sitting back very pleased… Themes are emerging… We have things to say with this record that we hope you’ll identify with. How’s it sound? At this point I’d say it sounds a bit darker… More dynamic. We’re trying new things. More piano. More open spaces. Less polished. More like what we’re like. It sounds like we thought Fair would sound when we started this band. Not much longer and you’ll be able to decide for yourself.


Erick… for FAIR

via Myspace.com Blogs – NEW SONGS are starting to surface… – FAIR (Back in the studio October 08!) MySpace Blog


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