> jonas brothers on the cell phone

At about 7:25pm I got a cell phone call from the Hannah Montana concert. I could hear the Jonas Brothers performing and a lot of screaming…..


91 thoughts on “> jonas brothers on the cell phone

  1. ? says:

    she meant that she got a call from someone she knew at the concert and could hear kids screaming and the jonas brothers singing in the background. lol omg the nerve of some hipocryts

  2. william says:

    i am so ushamed of wat Miley Cyrus did i really liked her but anyways call me Jonas Brothers bye.

  3. drivebymedia says:

    i think that they only have cell phones and they asked me not to give out the #…. 😉

  4. drivebymedia says:

    Chufica If I read between the lines I think what you were really saying was ” I wish you fine young ladies would stop giving so much attention to the Jonas Bros because it detracts from the attention that could be given to my favorite artist Hannah Montana”

  5. Anonymous says:

    media if u have the cell phone numbers then give it to us and well figure out whos number it really is

  6. allison miklos says:

    joe jonas I love you so mush my Email is there ifyou want it ps I love you joe jonas I love you guys too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. i luv you guys soo much exspecially you nick you are soo awsome you have a wonderful voice and i would love for you to come to newyork at 2128 virgle place for a block party

  8. Omg I love you nick,kevin and joe you are awesome

  9. I HAVE MY E-Mail address if you want to write a letter to me please write a letter to me and if you can give me you cell phone number that will be awesome (nick you are so hot and you have a great voice kevin you are double hot sorry nick hes cutier than you kevin please give me your number send it to my email address collins.alana8@gmail.com joe your ok)

  10. Hellokitty5 says:

    drivebymedia. if you have the jonas brothers number would you please give it to me. im not a stalker i just want to see if it really is their number. so PPPPLLLLLEEEAAAAAASSSSSEEEE would you give it to me.?

  11. Lisa says:

    Hey Jonas Brothers! Can i have your cell phone #, Joe? I am not the screaming kinda fan. I’m just calm.

  12. Lisa says:

    Nick, i feel sorry for you. can i have your cell phone #, too? I mean, type 1 diabetes? That is the worst!

  13. joe jonas lover says:

    hi i just wanna no wat there number is ill trade u guys for celina gomez cell phone number for joes b ecause i dont have his

  14. hi the the jonas brothers i want your phone number

    my name is maria i live in new york.

    i want to meet you someday

    i like your song burning up and sos

    your fan maria

  15. i love joe jonas says:

    hey joe plz give me ur number i love u and im not a screaming fan and im not a stalker.i swaer.ps. i don’t lie.

  16. hey joe kevin and nick i want joe jonas phone number to because he is so cute and hot better than zac efron
    and kevin your cute to and nick also i want nick kevin and joe phone number because i never met them at all and i will love to meet them one day because i love you guys i love the song buring up and sorry my favorite song from camp rock is this me with demi lovato and joe jonas demi and joe look so cute together they should date eachother

  17. Anonymous says:


  18. joe jonas says:

    Hey all my fans i just want to say that nick was telling me about this site and said that you guys wanted my phone number and it is really cool that MY fans want my phone number so i will give it u and just promis that you won’t keep calling it though like every second,but here it is and remember call now becase we move a lot and change the phone number alot so it is 1-(609)-877-3842.

  19. katie says:

    in the wikianswers gave nick jonas cell phone # it was given by this girls cousinnamed mandy the blonde headed one she said they were best friends and call them every single day.

    should i tell or not

  20. Felicia h says:

    hey u all need ta give da real # cuz i think everyone here has tryed da # and kno its not the real one so u guys who say ya they gave it to me than y dont u post it oh cuz u dont have it do ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do u think we are da dum if so what eva

  21. Nick Jonas says:

    Hi Fans Its Nick Jonas We Love You All And We Hope To Hear From You Soon Oh Joe Be Nice Amd Leave Them The Area Code Please Joe Well We Love You Guys We Hope You All Are Going To See Our Very First 3D Movie Ever.Well We Love All You Fans Cant Wait To Talk To All Of You Soon.
    (P.SI Told Joe To Give All Of You The Area Code Because I Dont Know It He Does) Well We Love You Bye All Of You Fans We Hope To Hear From You Bye.

  22. Makella says:

    tell us katie plz or u will break all the hearts of the jonas borthers fans around the world by not telling us ok

  23. That’s really dumb posting your numbers for everyone to see, you never know who could get your number! You could get stalked or even killed by posting your numbers on the internet. 😦

  24. monica says:

    nick can i plz have your cell# and plz have a concert in new jersey. oh and what is your email

  25. princess says:

    Can I have your # cause Imostly am at school or the sky is the limit practice call me at 443-503-5289

  26. BabyInsomnia says:

    Alrighty… I think you guys are going a bit overboard. I think it is stupid because of a couple reasons.

    1) You will never get the Jonas brohers’ number. Forget it.

    2) If you do perhaps get their number, after you call, they will change it. Simple.

    3) If you really do want their number, I would suggest not asking for it online, but instead getting backstage in one of the concerts and asking them personaly. I don’t think they would give it to you, but its worth a shot.

    I know you guys will just ignore this, but you have to listen to me. I know alot more about this whole fan obsession than most of you guys do, or any of you. And all of the posers pretending to be a Jonas, you can get arrested for that. They can track the IP address from the post to your personal computer, so be aware of that. If I see one more post on here that says they are the Jonas brothers, I will report you.

  27. I am not lying I swear on my soul these are the numbers I have gotten Kevin’s voicemail and left a message and when I called Joe he answered and I talked to him Please belive me I am not like the other liars on here

  28. Hannah Fern says:

    HI Nick yuo are sooo cute i am coming to america in 2 days so i will be n a cellebrity hunt. I am 15 and you are 16. We have a lot in common like the cotton candy ice. cream anyway please write back or keep this letter.

    I hope to marry you Bye

  29. Hannah Montana says:

    Hi joa you are very cute and funny and i hope to marry you some day we are both a leo and your birthday is 2 days before mine I LOVE YOU JOA

  30. i love joe and who likes kevin i do not he has pimples all over his face and my friend realy saw him and they are big in real life!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. i love joe and who likes kevin i do not he has pimples all over his face and my friend realy saw him and they are big in real life!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and i need the cell number the number u gave me is a hose #

  32. none of ur numbers are not real and u people like someone said i am joe jonas girl friend and that is not real at all so no more of this and shut up

  33. hey you guys if any of you have the jonas brothers REAL cell phone number then please give it to me!!!because i want to call them badly.i want to call them badly so i can be the lucky girl who has it and call them anytime.please give to me!

  34. hi Joe Jonas send me a message on twitter please my twitter is StephTurgeon ok and tell me what is reallyu your cell number?On the message bye Joe Jonas.I Love you xoxoxoxoxoxo

  35. hi joe i love u so much and can u tell nick kevin and demi that i said hi and would u mind telling them to come to my house in tawas michigan and have a date with me and u and i know that u are really busy and u probaly won’t have any time so i would really love it thanks byyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. hey jonas brothers,my name is skaila and im a fan of jonas brothers and i love u all and the funniest one is joe and the cute one is nick and the cool one kevin.tell frankie i say hi to him.

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