> anberlin – lost songs track listing

Here is the track listing to Anberlin’s ” Lost Songs” due out November 20, 2007
Track List
1. The Haunting
2. Uncanny
3. Like A Rolling Stone
4. Day Late Friend (acoustic)
5. Enjoy The Silence
6. Cadence (acoustic)
7. Downtown Song
8. There Is A Light
9. Dismantle Repair (acoustic)
10. The Promise
11. Nieve Orleans (acoustic)
12. Inevitable (AOL sessions)
13. Unwinding (AOL sessions)
14. Creep (AOL sessions)
15. Baby Please Come Back
16. Ready Fuels (demo)
17. Driving (demo)
18. Everywhere In Between (demo)


4 thoughts on “> anberlin – lost songs track listing

  1. drivebymedia says:

    it is called “glass to arson” it is a remix of a song from the first album (it says “16 bit remix” and my son says it sounds like video game music …)

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